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Home / News / Product news / CM300-D Automatic Container Mixers for Coperion

CM300-D Automatic Container Mixers for Coperion

Views: 679     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-01-22      Origin: Site

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We had finished two sets CM300-D automatic container mixers for COPERION.

CM300-D automatic container mixer is the mixer with the 300liters volume.

TheDEGOLD CM and CM-D series container mixer is widely applied in various powderand particle materials industries.


● Powder coating
● Master batch (PE, PP, PA, PVC, PS, ABS, TPE,EPS...)
● Dye concentrates
● Additives (e.g. TiO2, CaCo3, Zn, MgO...)
● Toner (premixtures and finished mixtures)
● PVC (hard/soft) preparation (withoutcooling)
● Metal compounds (MIM)
● Silic acid with liquids
● Brake linings
● Leather fibers
● Construction materials
● Food
● Cosmetics
● Pencil and colored pencil leads

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