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Grinding Equipment

Views: 538     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2011-08-18      Origin: Site

Grinding equipment is used for grinding big pigment particle size to be smaller by mechanical force, and then mixing these small particles into paints to form the final paints products.

There are several kinds grinding equipment for paint dispersion. It can be divided into two big parts. The one is grinding mill with movable grinding medium, the other is mill with fixed grinding medium.

The ones with movable grinding medium can be divided into bead mill and ball mill. The ones with fixed grinding medium can be divided into roller mill and high speed disperser.

There are horizontal bead mill and vertical bead mill. But nowadays, amlost manufacturers choose horizontal bead mill. But today, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different grinding equipment.

First, Let's talk about the bead mill first.
1) The speed of grinding medium won't be influenced by pait viscosity.
2) Grinding medium in the bead mill have some specifications. The movement speed is big, the particle size is small, and the load amount is big too. The horizontal bead mill can load 70%-80% grinding medium.
   So the grinding effectiveness is great.
3) Operators can link several bead mills together to ensure high effectiveness and grinding fineness.
4) It is suitable for grinding middle viscosity paints.
5) It must be equiped with cooling system when the paints temperature is high.
6) It is hard for grinding hard metal mateirals.

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