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Bead Grinding Machine Structure Features Work Principle

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High-speed bead mill, also known as a sand mill, the grinding operation is fully enclosed and has a pressure grinding cylinder high speed grinding, there is no solvent evaporation, the air pollution problem, to ensure the physical and mental health of the operator, but also because there is no solvent evaporation save energy and reduce production costs. By the fuselage, the main transmission, dispersion, the composition of the feed pump, continuously variable transmission, cooling system, electrical controls; vertical integrity of design, grinding host and feed pump and electrical control box set as one, so that the vertical sand The mill does not occupy space, easy to operate; grinding cylinder jacketed design for cooling the cooling water can into a grinding operations to produce the temperature to cool the sanding machine.

Bead mill for crushing cavity composed by the jacket, the clip comprising a coolant can be removed from the heat generated in the cell disruption. Crushing cavity equipped with a diameter of about 1mm in lead-free glass beads, beads or other materials. When to start the motor, glass beads, with the impeller rotation movement of the various forms of impact and shear effects, and thus between the beads and cells, so that the cell disruption, the release of the inclusions. Set the bead liquid separator at the exit in the cell homogenate stranded beads, beads liquid separation broken continuous. The bead mill is crushing a higher rate of cell crushing machine, commonly used in the production of biological drugs.

1, the material can achieve the required fineness of grind again.
2, the cooling of internal and external cooling.
3, the slit-shaped stirrer, the volume of processing region is small, the product of cross-contamination is small.
4 with three roller machine supporting the production process once completed.

Working principle
Sander grinding operations the feed pump will be pre-dispersed, and the wet processing of the slurry from the grinding cylinder below sent up grinding the cylinder, the proportion of heavier beads will fall down, so that the raw material in the grinding cylinder pressure convection upper and lower raw material in the gap of grinding beads by the impact of pressure and high-speed rotating cross-Gen, emulsification, dispersing, kneading, grinding, and other functions, and to quickly reach the required fineness, grinding and then by high-speed rotation of the hard tungsten Steel separation gaps output grinding cylinder grinding operation, for a cycle, continuous cycle following grinding fineness up to 5μm.

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