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How to Choose Suitable Horizontal Bead Mills

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There are different types and constructions of the horizontal bead mills, then users are easy to feel confused when select horizontal bead mills.

Ordinary speaking, there are disk type horizontal bead mills, pin type horizontal bead mills, turbo type horizontal bead mills if we talk about horizontal bead mills inside construction.

Disk type horizontal bead mills mean there are grinding disks on the grinding shaft.

Pin type horizontal bead mills mean there are pins on the grinding shaft.

We have to consider following points when select the bead mills.

1) What's your product?
2) What's your formulation viscosity?
3) Your formulation is water based or solvent based?
4) What's your formulation solid content?
5) What's your formulation particle size before grinding?
6) What's your required particle size after grinding?
7) What's your output per hour requirement?
8) Where you are going to intall the machine and what's motor voltage requirement?

Ordinary speaking, the bead mill can be selected based on above information. And when decide the machine construction, we also have to consider the product is senstive to temperature or not etc.

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