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Important Points of High Speed Disperser Operation

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1. Running the high speed disperser with slow speed at the beginning to mix the raw mateirals.
2. Increase the speed step by step to reach 20m/s velocity speed to disperse the materials.
   Please avoid choose so highest speed to avoid the materials splash from the container.
   At the same time, operators must ensure the dispersion disc dip into the wet raw materials to ensure no air.
   The highest velocity speed is 25-30ms.
3. The ordinary paints viscosity is 0.1-0.4Pa.s. It becomes about 3-4Pa.s after adding pigments.
4. The dispersion disc must be located in the middle of the container. The moveable container must be fixed.
5. No load running is prohibitive. And operators must keep the other things fall into the container when the high speed disperser is running.
6. The time for dispersing is about 10-15 min.

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