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Paints and Inks Production Machines Introduction

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There are eight steps for paints/inks production includes raw materials preparation, dissolution, transfer, pre-mixing, grinding, paint mixing, purify, package.
But because every kinds paints/inks adopt to different film formers, their production steps are also different. Above eight steps are unnecessary for every paints/inks productions.

Let's talk about the pre-mixing first.
Pre-mixing is also called dispersing. It means mixing the liquid paint vehicle with pigments first so as to replace the air and contamination such as water adsorbed on the surface of the pigments or fillers. It helps humidify fillers.
The main equipment used in pre-mixing step are dispersers no matter high speed dispersers or low speed dispersers, mixing tanks and their dust collectors.

The function of the disperser

The main function of the disperser is finishing paints raw materials with fillers to humidify them.
Disperser can easily disperse the fillers into the paints to obtain the homogeneous, tenuous, stable floating materials. If manufacturers don't have strict requirements about the paints particle size, the dispersers can finish production by themself.

There are seven kinds dispersers.
1) The basic model. High speed dispersers with only one dispersing shaft.
2) Improved model. High speed dispersers with two dispersing shaft and two dispersing discs, high speed disperser with two shafts and two speeds, plantary high speed disperser and two shafts high speed disperser.
3) Lab disperser.
4) Planet high speed disperser.
5) Low speed disperser.
6) Enlcosed vacuume dispersre.
7) Pin types disperser.

There are two constructions of the basic model. Floor stand high speed disperser and desk type high speed disperser. There is only one difference between these two dispersers that is the machine body position.
The floor stand high speed disperser is only applicated with the movable containers but the desk type high speed disperser used with fixed container. Every one desk type high speed disperser can equipped with 1~4 sets contianers. Its motors power is bigger than floor stand disperser, which can reach more than 100kW.

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