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Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill


Screen separator makes sure larger products output area and nanometer grinding particle size.
It is the good choice for the inkjet, paints, pharmaceuticals, pigments etc. wet grinding.
  • ZM200-E


Product Description


Series ZM-E
Volume 200L

Please refer to fllowing table technical data for more technical information of Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill. or contact with us.

Machine Pictures

Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill

Please feel free to contact with us to get more pictures about Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill.


  • Wide Applications.

  • Grinding discs on the grinding shaft drive all grinding medium inside the grinding chamber.
    High efficiency rotor gap separation system can separate the products and grinding medium so as to ensure good running for high viscosity products.

  • Double mechanical seal.

  • Optional polyurethane, rubber, ceramic, cast steel, wear-resistant steel grinding chamber and grinding discs designs.


  • To submicron.

  • Easy preparation.

  • Easy and safe operate.

  • Continuous-pass and circulation operation.

  • Proper design grinding chamber and grinding discs.

  • Different materials wear-resistant spare parts.

  • Use grinding medium from 0.1mm to 5mm.

  • Integration separator and grading system.

  • High productivity.

  • Suitable for different sizes grinding mediums.

  • Save space.

Technical Data

Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill

Following is the technical data of ZM-E series sand mills  produced by  Degold.

ZM-E Series ZM20-E ZM50-E ZM100-E ZM200-E ZM300-E ZM500-E ZM1000-E
Grinding chamber volume (L) 20 50 100 200 300 500 1000
Batch size (L) 100-500 200-1000 500-2500 1000-10000 >2000 - -
Drive (kW) 18.5-22 37-45 55-75 75-90 90-110 160-200 315
Grinding shaft rotary speed (r/min) 1200 800 650 500 460 350 340
Length (mm) 1670 1970 2750 2950 3450 3350 6650
Width (mm) 1050 1150 1200 1200 1300 1500 1450
Height (mm) 1565 2000 2200 2200 2250 2700 2850
Net weight (kg) 750 1500 3500 3700 4700 8000 12000
Ex proof Type Ex proof / Non Ex proof
Seal Type Single Mechanical Seal / Double Mechanical Seal
Inner Grinding Cylinder Material SS304 / Hard Steel / Mold Steel / Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic / PU
Grinding Disc Material SS304 / Hard Steel / Mold Steel / Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic / PU
Pump Type Diaphragm pump / Gear Pump / Screw pump
Mill Speed Adjustment Way With inverter / Without inverter

Note:Technical data are different if there are some customized constructions.We'd like to send you the suitable model sand mills for your production, please feel free to contact with us.


applications of Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill

Paint / Coating
  • Road Marking Paint

  • Dispersion Paint

  • Fillers

  • Marine Paint

  • Wood Paint

  • Lab

  • Cathodic Dip Coating

  • research&development

  • Construction Paint

  • Top Coating

  • Clear Coating

  • Automotive Paint

  • Coil Coating

  • etc.

Printing Inks
  • Rotogravure Inks

  • Heat-set

  • research&development

  • Ink jet

  • Sheet-fed

  • Lab

  • Screen Printing Inks

  • Flexo Printing Inks

  • Cold-set

  • etc.

  • Fertilizer

  • Labratory

  • Pesticides

  • research&development

  • Suspension Concentrate(SC)

  • etc.

Pigments / Dyes
  • research&development

  • Pigment Production

  • Labratory

  • Titanium Dioxide

  • etc.

Ceramics / Glass
  • Ceramic Pigments

  • Table Ware / Sanitary Ware

  • research&development

  • Lab

  • Table Ware / Sanitary Ware

  • Technical Ceramics

  • Technical Ceramics

  • LabCeramic Pigments

  • etc.

Ores / Minerals / Metals
  • Calcium Carbonate

  • Graphite

  • Talc

  • Labs

  • research&development

  • etc.

Life Science
  • Biotechnology

  • Labratory

  • research&development

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Cosmetics / Personal Hygiene

  • etc.

  • research&development

  • Labratory

  • Cocoa Liquor

  • etc.

Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill could be used for more applications, please contact with us to learn more.

Series Introduction

Degold has designed six different types sand mills for you

Series Description
ZM-K ZM-K series are pin type sand mills. This series sand mills are suitable for high viscosity materials wet grinding and dispersion.


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ZM-T ZMT series are turbo design sand mills which are suitable for nano meters wet grinding and large productivity.


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ZM-E ZM-E series sand mills are centrifugal separation sand mills for nano wet grinding.


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ZM-X ZM-X series sand mills are suitable for nano meters wet grinding and dispersion.


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ZM ZM series sand mills are suitable for middle viscosity water based and solvent based poducts wet grinding and dispersion.


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ZM LAB laboratory sand mills are used for research and development.


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This table is not real time updating, please contact with us to get latest information.

About Us

Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Degold Machine Co., Ltd.

  • Degold is chemical equipment & machinery (wet grinding bead/sand/pearl mill machine) manufacturer in China.

  • Degold designs, develops, constructs, and installs production lines and advises, trains customers.

  • Degold has always endeavored to develop grinding and mixing technique in chemical industry. Now we have developed various models Horizontal Sand Mills to fulfill industrial production needs ranging from paints, inks, pharmaceuticals, food, dyes, cosmetics, petrochemicals, and non-mental mines.


All Degold technical experts have been in this field since 80s in the 20th century. We produce strictly as the requirements of ISO9001:2008 Quality System and CE standards.

certificates of Degold 200 Liters Disc Type Horizontal Nanosize Sand Mill


Machines are popular in domestic and oversea market. We have cooperated with so many famous painting and powder coating manufactures such as Clariant, BASF, Sherwin-Williams, Akzo Nobel, 3M etc.


From 2007, we have begun to service oversea customers directly. Our machines have been exported to many countries and regions such as Belgium, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Brazil, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Australia, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Tunisia, Malaysia, Paraguay, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Romania, Taiwan, Korea, Morocco, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Spain etc.

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  • What is your product warranty policy?

    All DEGOLD products carry a 12-month warranty.

  • What about product pricing and specifications?

    Because there are different models, materials for the machines, please feel contact with us to tell us your detail production requirement. Or please feel free to send email to us, we will confirm all points with you and our engineers will select the best suitable machine for you and we will send you the offical quotation form and the technical data.

  • Do you provide the sample testing free?

    We can test the customers' products such as paint, ink etc. in our factory by our machines. It is free.

  • Can l become an exclusive distributor of DEGOLD products in my area?

    Yes, it is possible if we don't already have a representative in your country(region).

  • What is a minimum order amount?

    One set machine.

  • Which transportation method could l select?

    By sea. Some small machines, you can choose by air.

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